All Saints’ Eve Indeed.

All Saints' Eve Indeed.


It’s been another week of heighten emotions on the pending FergieTown Grand Jury verdict.  Hopefully, its not made during this evening of childish delight and adult adventures.  We need a break from the mass effect of social discord and celebrate the truly frightening time of candy gorging and other excess of pleasure.

My Trick or Treat plans are stopping by a swinger’s party out in the wilds of Wildwood.  Depending on the attendees, this could be a real Treat…

or just a bad Trick.

I hope every enjoys their Halloween time out.  And remember to look out for those ghouls and goblins wandering the streets. Never know what horrors will be found at the next house visited.

Treat Ideas for your Adult Visitors tonight!

Chocolate Nipples

Dark chocolate nipples with mint fondant, mmmmm

Spermies candy

Finally! You can get her to Swallow after sucking!


Gummy Boobs

So now you can chew, suck and bite to your hearts content on your own personal boobs.

Marshmallow Boobies

Nothing tastes quite as great as marshmallows in a boobie shape ;! Soft and squishy boobie fun!


Chocolate Pasties

Just rub peanut butter (or other sticky sweet) onto nipples, and then gently press the pasties into place. As with any feast, the ultimate climax is a tasty dessert!

Clone A Pussy Chocolate Kit

The Clone-A-Pussy kit contains all you need to create a fully edible, perfectly detailed replica of your outer vagina in solid chocolate. The appearance of your Clone-A-Pussy will vary, depending on your unique body style.

Candy Jock Strap

Candy-covered novelty posing pouch is edible and strung on elastic.  It’s one way to coax her mouth closer to your junk!


All Day Boob Sucker Cherry

For those who like their candy randy, then these suggestive sweeties will certainly be right up your alley. 


Candy Nipple Tassels

Va-va-voom! You’re not just dressed to thrill — you’ll taste delicious too, when your nipples are decorated with sweet sugary goodness.

Be on the Lookout for these Special Trick or Treaters!

Hope Everyone gets a Taste of Good Treats tonight and leave the Tricks for another time.

Please Be Safe & Play Safe! image 

Credit: The World Of MajorVoyeur