Box Score! Last Week at the Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ (Week Ending 10/19/14)

Box Score! Last Week at the Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ (Week Ending 10/19/14)

Doc here with last week’s Box Score from my good friends at the awesome Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.

I was another busy week at one of the Good Doctor’s favorite adult theater facilities in the entire country.

BNA offers a great variety of things from this thing of ours, and as the weather cools down for Fall, things heat up.

Here are the stats for Berlin News for the week ending 10/19/14:

Male/Female Couples: 55
Single Ladies: 7
T-Gurls: 15

There are some very cool things coming soon to the awesome Berlin News Agency. The Good Doctor will keep you up to date on what those cool things will be right here at The Journal, your one stop shop for this thing our ours.


Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

Cathy Fucks Black Guys

International Couple’s Flash Report! Katie X at Fantasy Video in London, England – Part 1 (w/PICS)

International Couple's Flash Report! Katie X at Fantasy Video in London, England - Part 1 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say enjoys bangers for breakfast, with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Our long-time friend Katie X has submitted Part 1 of a new dynamite International Couple’s Flash Report, and here it is in all it’s glory.

As our London correspondent, The Good Doctor relies on her insight into what is going on with the adult theater scene in the UK.

So ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome back to the very sexy and VERY naughty Katie X!


Hi Doc,

I though I would give you a report on my latest trip to Fantasy Video in London, and probably my last there. The locals have successfully lobbied to have the place closed down, so sadly I will now have to look further afield to satisfy my urge for this thing of ours.

Katie X
During a Visit to Fantasy Video Years Ago
My hubby was unable to join me on this trip but I was lucky enough to be accompanied by a friend, Anton who really knows how to treat a girl like me. He’s a broad-shouldered Italian with a big cock that I met in a bondage dungeon years ago. As per my usual routine, we started with a couple of pints at the Old Red Lion pub to help warm me up for my session. Anton is a bit of a sadistic bastard and he told me that I wasn’t going to be allowed to leave the cinema while I could still walk straight. This immediately made me wet.

We made our way across to the cinema at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It was a Saturday. I was in my cinema uniform of black high heels, black lacey knickers, black t-shirt dress and small tan coat. The dress is really not much more than a tshirt stretched over my hips. It plunges in front of my tits and only just covers the bottom of my panties from the back. That’s why I wear a little coat over the top in public.

I checked my coat at the front door and we descended the stairs into the darkness. I absolutely love this place. It’s so seedy. There are (were!) two cinemas in the complex and men are always walking from one to another, often with their cocks in their hands. The whole place smells of disinfectant and the muted moans of porn sluts echoes out from each of the screens.
Katie X

We reached the bottom of the stairs, me in front and Anton behind me when a guy exited one of the rooms to cross to the other. He has his cock out and Anton caught the guy’s eye, nodded almost imperceptibly, and directed me onto my knees in the corridor. ‘Start here’, he said. And so I did. We hadn’t been in the place more than 60 seconds and I was already on my knees in the darkness with a rock-hard cock plunged down my throat. This was going to be a great day.

I couldn’t tell you much about the guy I was blowing, other than he was a more mature gent with a nice, smooth, medium-sized cock. And it was hard. Rock hard and at attention. At first I don’t think he could believe his luck, but he soon warmed to his task, and I to mine. After licking him slippery and getting him really firm, I looked up and said ‘fuck my mouth like it’s a cunt’. For some reason, this always gets guys excited. I’ve no idea why. He bunched up my hair in one hand and proceeded to do exactly as instructed. He absolutely pounded my face, pushing his cock as far as it would go down my throat. My nose buried into his pubic hair as he held me in place momentarily, before continuing his assault on my mouth with vigor.

This proceeded for a few minutes, with me being allowed up for air every now and then. Anton watched approvingly before the guy looked up at him and asked, ‘does she swallow?’ Anton nodded and said what I always love to hear. ‘It does.’ Fuck I love a good dom! My new friend really worked up a stroke now, and I could fell the tension in his shaft rise to deliver me what I deserved. Again, he held me in place as he grunted and pumped his sperm directly into my stomach. Wad after wad of that beautiful, molten jizz forced its way down my throat. Thank fuck for a well-trained gag reflex.

Katie X

As his climax retreated, my man removed his cock from my mouth and smeared his spit-and-sperm covered rod over my willing face. He’d taken Anton’s cue very well. I heard someone say, ‘oh fuck’ and realized there were a couple of guys standing around stroking their cocks and watching the performance. I thought I was going to be put to work right there and then but Anton helped me to my feet and said, ‘don’t worry gentlemen, it’s going to be here all night’ as he slid his hand between the legs. ‘And I can tell you it’s very ready for service,’ he said with a smile.

I was directed to the end of the corridor and into the men’s toilets. The brightly lit, white tied room made for a stark contrast. ‘You’re going to be my unpaid whore tonight, do you understand?’ Anton said as he grabbed and squeezed my face. Through my distorted lips I replied meekly, ‘yes’. Anton held his grip and slid his hand down the front of my dress and worked it into my panties. He started to masturbate me as he brought his face closer to me ear. His voice lowered. ‘You are a whore. An object for use. You will take whatever you are given. You are not to refuse any cock for the night, no matter how old, large or small. Tonight you are going to be humiliated. Men will leave here tonight and masturbate for the rest of their lives thinking of you. Thinking of the filthy slut they met and fucked in a porn cinema.’

I started to shake as an orgasm rose up in me. He stopped working my clit and held his hand firmly on my stomach. ‘You are not here for your enjoyment. You are here for mine. You don’t come until I tell you that you can.’ He pulled my dress down and lead me back out into the darkened corridor. I was almost faint with anticipation…

~End of Part One~


Doc here again… Many, many thanks to Katie X on this new report from London. We will be waiting for Part 2 with baited breath!


Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

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Flash Report! H-Man at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 10/17/14

Flash Report! H-Man at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 10/17/14

Doc here, a man who some say spent three months on a fishing boat in the North Atlantic, even though he neither swim nor likes fish, with a Flash Report from Hartford’s mighty Art Cinema.
Senior reporter H-Man hit The Art this past Friday night, 10/17, and has filed this report.
Take it away, H-Man!
Good evening Doc!!
Hope this message finds you well!! It has been a little over three weeks since I last visited the #1 Art Cinema! After viewing and experiencing the AMAZING “Back-to-School Party” first-hand, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I did hope for the best and maybe there would be a surprise waiting for me.
Last Friday, I decided it was that time again…time to visit our favorite theater…THE ART! So I revved up the “black SUV with the tinted windows” and headed north with my trusty notebook and pen in tow. I arrived a little after seven and was quickly welcomed by Ernie and Nik (great guys and excellent hosts.) We caught up on some small talk and the nights since “the party.” We all agreed it was the best one yet and it was a huge success!! It seems that the party did increase the couple’s attendance on Saturday evenings and that new couples were gracing the ART! Management is looking forward to the “Halloween Party” and preparing for the big night! There will be goody bags for the first 40 couples that attend, fright lights, the full balcony is now permanently open, two new digital DVD players, 2 new fans to keep the “body heat” in check, and increased (respectful) security to keep things orderly.
The Art Cinema
After the updates, I made my way to the main floor. There were about a half dozen couples up in the balcony this night with a dozen or so males on the main floor. There was very little action on either front (although two couples did make their way to the “blue lights” in the front balcony.) To the delight and excitement of the gathered men below, the two couples did put on a show for all to see.
Breasts were hanging over the railing, men pounding their partners doggy style and even a short female on female scene ensued. Nipples were sucked and pussies licked and those sweet sounds of pleasure echoed throughout the theater. That had the men moaning, groaning, and stroking fast and furious. Although being coaxed and encouraged to make their way down, neither made it to the main floor, to the dismay of many. So there were many men that were straining their necks to watch the activities above.
Before long, the balcony was down to a few couples and action was coming to end early. As you have told all of your readers be patient….well I must say, I was patient but nothing happened on this Friday night. I think (hope) many are waiting and anticipating the frenzy that will occur on October 25thThe Halloween Party. The bar was set very high a month ago and I hope all those who attended will return for a second showing! Imagine the “good witch” cumming to the party with just her cape on and ….nothing else!!!!!! What a thought!
After two and half hours, I decided it was time to head south. I have to get my costume ready for next week! Oh, what too be??? I am anticipating a “blow out”…and some crazy scenes!
In the meantime, stay well! Keep those posts and reports cumming…oops!
Doc here again… Many thank to H-Man for another solid Flash Report from The Art Cinema. Also, as a reminder, this Saturday (10/25) brings The Art Cinema’s Halloween Party, starting at 7pm! Put on your sexiest and scariest costumes and hit The Art for a great night.

Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

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