Let’s go out. I think we can have a great time. My treat. Drinks, food and some really naughty talk leading to some really naughty sexual fun.

I really appreciate your sense of financial equality, but in my opinion, DUH of course if you take me out it’s your treat!

Naughty talk, naughty fun, blah blah blah … let’s cut to the chase: why do you like cuckold couples like us? What is it about the dynamic of the sexually superior wife and humiliated cuckold that gets you off? Note: “Fucking your brains out while he watches” is not a satisfactory answer.

Rustle up a few paragraphs about and pictures of yourself, and write me at yogahotwife@me.com . It’ll be “my treat” to read it LOL

xo Jen

Credit: YogaHotwife’s Cuckold Blog

Turn Your Wife Into A Whore

Where are you located? Well hung BBC from Indiana but I travel almost every month for business. Would love to take you out and have my balls sucked

Orlando FL. Feel free to send pictures and a few paragraphs about yourself and why you like cuckold couples like us, to yogahotwife@me.com

For the record, taking me out doesn’t necessarily equate to having your balls sucked … but it is a possibility LOL ;) Looking forward to being impressed by your email.

Credit: YogaHotwife’s Cuckold Blog

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