Flash Report! The Falcon at The Berlin News Agency in NJ on 11/22/14

Flash Report! The Falcon at The Berlin News Agency in NJ on 11/22/14

Doc here, a man who some say can juggle 3 squash and a can of cranberry sauce at select family events, with a great Flash Report from long time contributor, The Falcon.

The Falcon visited my good friends at The Berlin news Agency, and has filed this detailed filled report. If you like your reports filled with action, then this is your lucky day.

I encourage you to sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this terrific report from The Falcon.

Take it away, sir.



I was at the BNA on Saturday night. I got there about 10 PM to find the parking lot almost full. That looked like a good thing to me. I went into the store and the attendant told me that I would love to go in the back.

The Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
As I entered I saw lots of men and I heard the sound of playing in the back room. There are four rooms in the back of the theater, and only one was busy. I worked my way into that room and got to see the seating around the table. There was no activity on the table but there was some on the seats.

One lady was giving her man a real hot blow job right at the end of the bench and there were lots of men and one woman watching. The lady on the other side was getting a little excited and started giving her man a little hand job, but she then went down on him with a real juicy blow job. She was fully dressed but that was not to last long.

She was soon out of her clothing and another guy was playing with her ass and pussy with his hand and tongue. It was quite hot. While they were playing another couple came in. This lady was a petite blond and she was allowed to get closer to the playing couples. They did not get involved except to watch. These two couples took a break and promised that they would be back.

Another couple came in and went to one of the back rooms. The lady was dressed in a hot white mini dress with fishnet panty hose. Her man was prepared and had both condoms and gloves for the men. She gave her man a blow job, and then he handed the gloves around and some lucky guys were favored with some nice pussy play. The couple played this way for about an hour but none of the guys were favored other than the fondling of his lady.

Main Theater
Another couple came in and went to the table in the rear of the theater and again they were prepared for playing including a pad for her. She quickly removed her clothes and started blowing her man, who soon started to eat her, she laid on the table and anyone that liked could play with her body and she gave a few guys blow jobs. This couple played hard for a few minutes and left.

The first couple came back in and I talked to them this was this lady’s first time and she was very nervous. She and he went into another room and another regular and I acted as guards to keep the men back enough so that she was comfortable. She took her top off and I saw one of the nicest bodies I have seen in this thing of ours. Her nipples were always hard. She did allow both me and the other guy to feel her body, and her man was drained she asked and was allowed to give both the other guy and me a blow job. She was really good and both of us were happy with our guard duty. They left shortly after but she promised she would do this again.

Later a black couple came in and while she was also new, she really knew what to do. She was by far the most active and several of the men in the area were involved with her, as soon as they suited up they were allowed to have sex and blow jobs. She was sitting in the theater after that session and I found that this was her first time. She said she had enjoyed herself and was looking forward to another session at BNA.

The last couple was also well prepared. They moved to the back room and unpacked their gear including a cover for the table and condoms. They both removed their clothes and started with oral sex together and then to all that would accommodate anyone that was interested. Many of the men were serviced by both the lady and her escort.

Time was running out for me and I had to leave about 12:30 am. This is the second time I have been to BNA in the past month. The other time was only a few CD taking on all guys, this trip really seemed as if the BNA is back!

Respectfully submitted,



Doc here again…Many thanks to the Falcon for another solid report from the front lines of this thing of ours.

The Falcon is 100% correct… The Berlin News Agency IS back, and each and every week sees more couples and sexy singles returning to this legendary adult entertainment complex.

Stay tuned, as in the next couple of days, The Good Doctor and BNA have something we’d like to show you.


Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

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