Box Score! Last Week at The Berlin News Agency

Box Score! Last Week at The Berlin News Agency

Doc here with a new feature here at The Journal: Box Score: Last Week at The Berlin News Agency.

Here is how this will work, ladies and gentlemen… Once a week, my good friends at the Berlin News Agency will shoot me the stats for the previous week.

These weekly stats will include male/female couples, single females, & t-gurls.

So kids, for last week (9/21-9/27) at The Berlin News Agency, they welcomed:

M/F Couples 51
Single Females 4
T-Gurls 8

Congrats to the team at Berlin News Agency for a great week!


Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

Turn Housewives Into Whores

Back to School Party @ The Art Cinema on 9/20/14: Report #5: A Teaser Report from the Craigslist Couple (w/Pic!)

Back to School Party @ The Art Cinema on 9/20/14: Report #5: A Teaser Report from the Craigslist Couple (w/Pic!)

Doc here, a man who some say his mustache matches his carpet, with a Art Cinema “Back to School” teaser report from my good friends The Craigslist Couple.

In the frenzy of activity that was the Back to School Party at the Art Cinema, the frenziest moment for The Good Doctor was an encounter my lovely physician’s assistant, Starlet and I had in the upper balcony with The Craigslist Couple.

Picture this scene, good readers of The Journal…

In the front row of the upper balcony, Mrs. Craigslist Couple was standing to my left while to my right, the lovely Starlet was on her knees, sucking Mr. C’s Mr. D. With my left arm wrapped around Mrs. C’s waist, I was finger fucking her to multiple squirting orgasms that soaked the sleeves of my shirt. The floor was entirely flooded with her lady juice, and made for slippery footing.

Evidence of this crazy scene is captured in the photo at the end of the report.

Without further ado, here is The Craigslist Couple with their teaser report (full report due any day now).




I thought you might amused by this picture that I took (and doctored up a little bit) at the party. If you look closely at the floor, you can see the outline from the tremendous puddle on the floor. I am sure you remember that was from the squirting orgasms you gave Mrs. C. If you look a little closer, you will also notice that the ruler on the floor is totally saturated by the darker color (from being soaked).

Also I just wanted to let you know that I’m finalizing a full report for you and hopefully should be done by this weekend.

Ciao for now!

Mr. C.

As a side note, I just wanted to let you know that the woman who liked to be spanked as referenced in the M&S report from a few days ago was Mrs. C.

Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

Cathy Loves Fucking Big, Black Cocks

Back to School Party @ The Art Cinema on 9/20/14: Report #4: H-Man Reports from The Front Line (& Under Starlet’s Skirt) w/PICS

Back to School Party @ The Art Cinema on 9/20/14: Report #4: H-Man Reports from The Front Line (& Under Starlet's Skirt) w/PICS

Doc here, a man who some say once kayaked from Albany to Buffalo, wearing only biker shorts , my aviators, and a sombrero, with Report #4 from the huge Back to School Party at Hartford’s mighty Art Cinema.

Senior reporter H-Man was deeply embedded in the trenches, with notebook in hand (at least until the end of the evening, but more on that later), and has filed this report with the news desk here at The Journal.

Here he is, the very dashing H-Man, with his outstanding report…



Over a month ago, since the announcement of the “Back to School Party” at the #1 Art Cinema, I circled the date on my calendar. I was not going to miss this spectacular event! The blog announcement, the clock countdown, the messaging went wild! The anticipation, wait, and possibilities were playing mind games with many! AND…it didn’t disappoint anyone!!!

Just the fact that the Good Doc and his lovely medical assistant Starlet were going to host the event would bring out naughty schoolgirls and teachers (with their “stiff rulers”) from all points North, South, West and East of the #1 ART Cinema!!! It was going to be a night for the ages!!

I knew the theater would be jammed, so I headed north earlier than normal. I arrived around 6PM and just as I thought the main and side streets around the ART were already beginning to fill. Once inside I was greeted by Ernie and his friendly staff (Nik and Tosh). They were ready for the night ahead. We exchanged greetings and caught up with small talk and the anticipation of the night ahead.

Within moments the Good Doctor and his assistant Starlet arrived with a SUV full of gift bags. This was my first introduction to Starlet and all I can say is Doc is one lucky “stiff”. I couldn’t wait to see this blonde bombshell in her “schoolgirl outfit”. More to come on that…

As it drew close to 7PM…it was like the flood gates opened. Couples, single males, single females, walked through the door one after another. The guest list was never ending…T&A, Rick and Ashley, Bella, MILF Kat, Natasha, M&S, Spicy Wife and the list goes on. The outfits were unbelievable…plaid skirts, white blouses, thigh-highs, knee-highs, saddle shoes, bobby-socks, and more. Even the teachers came equipped with their “rulers”…no I mean the one you use to measure or maybe I mean the one to spank a naughty schoolgirl.

Whichever, all the stops were being pulled out and the guests were really into the night to cum…oops! While the Doc was welcoming the guests…Starlet had changed into her schoolgirl outfit…and folks it was a beautiful sight…right down to her blonde pony tails…she was ready for the evening.

I entered the main floor and before I even got to the center aisle…it was a madhouse. There were so many scenes right in front of me. In one corner there was a naughty schoolgirl giving oral exams; in another there was one with her legs pinned back to her ears and there were quite a few males taking her temperature; another schoolgirl bent over a seat taking a pounding from behind, a cock in her mouth and one in each hand. As I walked down the aisle, there were more activities occurring in the right corner…

The moaning, groaning, the sounds of naughty schoolgirls being spanked, and those sweet sounds we are all too familiar with were echoing throughout the theater!! As I turned around and looked up to the balcony, I couldn’t believe the activity and number of couples! It was standing room only! There were schoolgirls bent over the railing being spanked, their breasts bouncing up and down and side to side, and their pussies be pounded. Under the blue light there was a naughty girl kneeling before her teacher taking her punishment and the teacher had a big smile. Doc, there was more nudity and sex than a dozen live porno films.

As I started to walk back up, in comes the “the insatiable Bella”…with her man Mr. E! That woman attracts a crowd…she was like the piper with a trail of men just waiting for her to sit down. Once she did, the black dress was around her mid-section. Her boobs were for all to see, touch, and feel. Her treasured triangle was as shaved and smooth as ever. Before you knew it, there was someone between her legs, one cock in her mouth, and others waiting(hoping) to have a turn. Bella never disappoints! She has a magnetism that attracts the masses and a body that doesn’t quit.

As this was happening, in walked a schoolgirl with her significant other. He sat one row behind her, as she sat herself down under the white lights. It was a free-for-all! She spread her legs and in a split second there was a tongue working feverishly. Her head went back and the sounds…well, I don’t need to tell you! Boy can that woman pant, scream, and orgasm and orgasm. She took a deep breath and was off to satisfy anyone within reach. To her credit she stayed put for what seemed like hours. I don’t know how many she sucked, swallowed, or fucked…but it wasn’t a teachers punishment but more like orgasmic pleasure!!

In another scene, one naughty girl had cum covering her breasts…her hands…her thighs. Another woman was sitting naked and there were three men deep trying to get to her…a cock in the mouth, a head between the legs, a cock in each hand…and she did not say no to anyone. There was a woman for all ages and none of them were shy to pleasure or pain!

Ready for the class to start.
After a few hours, I sat down about half way down the aisle. Watching and listening to the sights and sounds of what seemed to be an all-out orgy! The visions engraved in my mind while the sounds reminding us all of the activities occurring. It was later in the evening, when a man wearing his medical white coat and aviators was escorting a scantily clad, beautiful lovely medical assistant/naughty schoolgirl down the center aisle.

I watched as they made their way to the left side of the theaters main floor. The lovely medical assistant was prepping a patient for a procedure (and you thought this was just about schoolgirls). She was using her oral skills to make sure he was at attention. As she bent over, I noticed she had lost her panties (or maybe she just shed them). It was a sexy sight. Her skirt over her ass…with only her white socks…she was in all her splendor…naked. I approached the good Doctor and started to have a conversation when he said “this is a private scene”. As I started to walk away…I was told…no not you, you have Executive VIP Privileges . Then I heard from beneath the seats…”you stay”.

As I travel alone and do not participate very often, I was both surprised and happy…and yes my ruler was getting stiff. Within a few seconds, the lovely Starlet had stood up and pressed her beautiful ass into my stiff ruler. As I wrapped my arms around her, I caressed her soft and smooth breasts…tweaking her sensitive nipples. Her head went back on my shoulder and within seconds, my hand reached down under her skirt and found a very hot, smooth, wet and sensitive pussy. As I played, she bent over the seat in front of her…it was then that I slid my hand once again between her soft thighs and within seconds my fingers were buried in her hidden treasure. Yes, I was J J fingering her pussy and she responded to every move I made. She came…no she squirted time and time again…my hand was soaked.

We continued this decadence and she had multiple orgasms while I continued to finger and caress her breast and nipple. As she stood up to catch her breath and steady herself, she leaned back and said, I’m not done with you. Ladies and gentlemen, the often referred to “lovely medical assistant Starlet”…I can tell you this woman is as sexy and beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. It was a privilege to spend time with her over the course of the evening. Doc you are not only a lucky stiff…but a man who knows good talent when he sees it!

It was after midnight when the Theater had emptied and the doors closed on another MAGNIFICENT event! 88-Couples; 6-single females; and dozens of males. It was well planned…advertised…attended…and a BIG Thanks to the Good Doctor, Starlet, Ernie and his staff. THE ART CINEMA is the #1 Adult Theater!!!! For those who did not attend…I strongly recommend attending a future event or just visiting the ART! It is well worth your time…and your body will thank you time and time again!

To all those “naughty schoolgirls”, thank you for blessing your beauty and nakedness to all those to see! I hope you learned your lesson and took your punishment well and couldn’t sit down for days!

Doc, till the next time! Best…



Doc here again… H-Man, once again you have outdone yourself. You did an excellent job capturing the frenzied vibe of the evening, which at times bordered on sensory overload. A true night for the ages.

Thank you for your very kind words sir, and I know one very naughty schoolgirl that loved every second she spent with you. Whether is was grinding into you as you brought her to one squirting orgasm after another, or the personal chat you had with her afterwards, you had her undivided attention. Starlet is looking forward to seeing you again soon, and next time, bring your insurance card since you have now met your deductible. Rumor has it she wants to take your vitals. ;o)

Thanks again to the dashing H-Man for this awesome report!


Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

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