Box Score! Last Week at the Berlin News Agency – Week Ending 10/26/14

Box Score! Last Week at the Berlin News Agency - Week Ending 10/26/14

Doc here, a man who some say once blew out his knee just trying to open a Water Ice, with a new Box Score Report for you, the good readers of The Journal.

It was another busy week for my good friends at The Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ. As the colors change in the Philly area, the # of couples, single females, and T-Gurls continues to expand at BNA.

Here is your Box Score for last week at The Berlin News Agency:

49 Couples
5 Single ladies
9 T-Gurls

The Good Doctor plans on stopping by very soon to BNA, and I hope to run into some familiar faces (and some unfamiliar ones too) when I pop my mustache in through the front door.


Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

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New Video! 15th Ave. Adult Theater’s Party Room – Halloween Edition

New Video! 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room - Halloween Edition

Doc here… Prior to this past weekend’s huge Halloween party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago’s western burbs, The Good Doctor shot some glorious HD video of The Party Room after the decorations were hung.

My goal was to give the Journal’s readership a flavor of what The Party Room was like, and to imagine what it would like with dozens of couples and sexy singles dancing and grooving the night away.

After some quality editing time, I am happy to present to you, the good readers of The Journal, a glimpse of The Party Room at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago’s western burbs.



Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters


Couple’s Flash Report! The Art Cinema’s Halloween Party Report #1: M&S (w/PICS!)

Couple's Flash Report! The Art Cinema's Halloween Party Report #1: M&S (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say is often mistaken for “Creepy Rob Lowe”, with a great Couple’s Flash Report from senior reporters M&S.

M&S have submitted the first report from The Art Cinema’s Halloween Party, and along with the report have sent in some great pics from the event.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

M&S coming to you from the Great Art Cinema in Hartford. Another great big crowd of folks looking for wet and sticky fun at the Halloween Party this past Saturday.

Miss “S” and I got to the Art about 6:30. I dressed in your honor as a Dr. and Miss “S” dressed as a slutty school girl since it worked so well once,lol. After chatting with Ernie and Tosh we paid our admission and headed upstairs.On way up Nick told us there was already 5 couples up there.


When we got up to the balcony we found 1 of the couples in the back row but not in our favorite seats,lol. Soon the balcony started to fill up but not as fast as it did for the Back to School night. We were soon joined by 2 very friendly couples we had met a few times in past visits. One was the handsome and VERY attractive blonde Sgt. Rock and Maggie Mammaries (you will see Maggies beautiful tits in a couple pics with “S”). I’m hoping someday to taste the sweet nectar of Maggie :o) By 8 all 4 of us couples under the lights were sucking and fucking like rabbits At one point as I was fucking “S”, Maggie was rubbing my and my wifes asses while sucking Rocks cock.

The other WMasscouple under the lights was taking turns going down on each other and fucking. Of course Bella, T&A and many other familiar faces could be seen enjoying themselves.

A friend of mine called me today and told me that him and his lady showed up with a box of 36 condoms and left with none,so I guess some people had a good time. For those of you that were there, she was the hottie dressed as Wednesday from the Adams Family.

At one point Miss “S” had to make a phone call and I was asked if the blonde who I will call “J” asked to suck my cock and if I would fuck her. Being a guy not to turn down a good time I obligded. I was just finishing when “S” arrived back in the balcony. Some couples went downstairs but many returned soon due to the actions of others.

The crowd stayed pretty steady and the balcony was still pretty full when we had to leave at 10 due to long day on Sunday. And yes I did get a chance to play with Wednesday for a bit.You missed a treat there Doc,lol.

By 10, “S” had been eaten and fucked crazy by me and also been fingered,eaten and had her tits sucked by 2 other helpful ladies.When we left Nick told us there was 72 couples that had been there, we saw 1 T-Gurl and don’t know how many single girls.Unfortunately Natasha couldn’t make it.

So another great night under the belt of Ernie and me too,lol. Oh yea I was in scrubs,no belt.You were truly missed, Doc.

Here is some pics from the Halloween Party. Hope to see you soon.

Your friends and faithful followers,

Art Cinema Halloween Party Gallery from M&S
(Click the Thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

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Box Score! Hartford’s Art Cinema Halloween Party on Saturday 10/25/14

Box Score! Hartford's Art Cinema Halloween Party on Saturday 10/25/14

Doc here, a man who some say wants to be in two places at once, but his teleporter was still at the cleaners, with a new Box Score from Hartford’s mighty Art Cinema.

On Saturday October 25th, The Art Cinema held it’s annual Halloween Party, and it was a crazy evening inside this vintage art deco adult theater.

Typically The Good Doctor is on hand for The Art Cinema’s events, but I was tied up in Chicago this evening. But the great team of Ernie and his crew held a dynamite event that reportedly scared the pants of more than a few patrons.

There were several reporters on site for the event (senior reporters H-Man, as well as T&A and M&S), so I anticipate reports coming in from them in short order. I will publish them as soon as they hit my in-box.

Here is your Box Score for the mighty Art Cinema’s Halloween Party:

Male/Female Couples: 82
Single Guys: 75+

Congrats to Ernie and his team at The Art Cinema for a great evening! And The Good Doctor is waiting for the reports to start flooding into the news desk at The Journal.


Credit: Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters

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